Hichilema Tells Zambians to Take the Blame

Hichilema RallyUPND president Hakainde Hichilema says Zambians should blame themselves for voting hooligans into State House.

And Zambia Direct Democracy Movement (ZDDM) president Edwin Sakala says the country has been run down to an extent that even dogs will refuse that the situation is beyond them.

At a first opposition public rally since the PF assumed power 18 months, Hichilema told a sizeable gathering in Kabwata that the PF went into government without devising a plan of how they were supposed to govern the country.

He said this has been evidenced through their blunders in the management of the agriculture sector, unfulfilled campaign promises to the people, and their failure to effectively fight corruption.

Hichilema said the PF were condemning MMD as corrupt and yet their governance record so far was worse than the former ruling party. He said for over 20 years, Zambia has never experienced shortages of mealie meal as the case now was within the short period PF has been in power.

He said the UPND manifesto on the agriculture sector is meant to lower the cost of inputs, find market for agricultural products and create an industry that will make finished products that will result in the creation of employment for Zambians.

“If you look at the PF, they have been blaming traders that have been selling mealie meal to Kasumbalesa but we are saying why can’t we manage our products properly and exploit that market for our agricultural products. That’s where you can see the changes in our mindset,” he said.

He said the PF government is now blaming every one for their failures starting with the MMD, millers, cross border traders and that they do not have the courage to admit their own mistakes.

Hichilema said government was afraid to permit the opposition to hold a public rally because of their inadequacies in the management of national affairs. He said President Sata lacks the capacity to govern the country because of numerous leadership inadequacies.

“They feared that we will remind you if ‘you have got more money in your pockets’, if ‘you have more jobs’ created for you and whether there is any change which they promised in your life,” he said.

He said the rally was victory for democracy and it was the first one of many meetings that will be organised by opposition political parties.

Hichilema said the opposition will not associate to the violence perpetrated by the PF cadres. He said from the President Sata schemed the violent campaigns in Chawama when he armed cadres with machetes to hack innocent people 12 years ago, he has groomed many along the way.

And political activist Dante Saunders said despite being a friend to President Sata, he has changed since he went to State House. He said President Sata was condemning the MMD on constitution and the system to used to review the process yet his style is even worse.

Meanwhile, former Katombora Member of Parliament Regina Musokotwane urged First Lady Dr Christine Kaseba to advise President Sata properly since he does not listen from anyone.

Musokotwane hoped that perhaps President Sata will be able to listen to his wife in order to govern the country properly.


  1. CNP-4U

    this is a plus..we need real change..

  2. Kwacha Ngwee

    Even if PF had a plan, one needs to have gone to school to understand it. Ain’t we expecting too much from Mr Sata a standard 4 (Grade 6) to understand the plan, surely?Just google YouTube and put words Chanda chimba and see what kind of person we put in State House. See the videos.

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