Maj. Kachingwe Stands Expelled – High Court

kachingwe1-e1354619559318The Lusaka High Court has dismissed an application by expelled former MMD national secretary Major Richard Kachingwe contesting the decision of the party.

Maj Kachingwe, a PF sponsored mole who was assigned by President Michael Sata to create confusion and distabilise the former ruling party, was also claiming that MMD president Dr Nevers Mumba was not leader of the party.

The former diplomat claimed that Dr Mumba could not expel him from the party as he was the president of the Reform Party, a scapegoat the PF used in attempting to destabilise the MMD.

But Judge Jane Kabuka has dismissed Maj Kachingwe’s application saying the claimant has no authority to remove an elected official from office.

She said Dr Mumba can only be removed at the party convention by two third majority of the MMD electoral college.

Judge Kabuku said as things stand, Maj Kachingwe remains expelled from the MMD.


  1. Mphangwe

    We thank our High Court Judges for upholding the rule of Law in Zambia. Thank you for being on the side of the people. MAY GOD IMPART MORE WISDOM TO OUR JUDGES AS ALL LEVELS WITH ABUNDANT BLESSINGS. .

  2. Kwacha Ngwee

    Kachingwe, chilambwe, Namugala form your own party. And see how many people join you. Who will be president, kachingwe? Give me a break!

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