PF is Intolerant, Catholic Bishops

merdado-mazombwe-catholic-zambia-reportsThe Catholic Church has condemned the PF government for creating an intolerant political environment in the country.

According to the latest pastoral letter, the Zambia Episcope Conference (ZEC) is saddened that the prevailing political environment in Zambia is full of intolerance

The Catholics say the current high level of political intolerance is not creating a conducive democratic environment in the country and that the situation should be resolved.

But chief government spokesperson Kennedy Sakeni says PF has an open government policy and that it was free to engage any stakeholders in dialogue on any issue that needs attention.

Sakeni said government appreciates its partnership with the Church and that it was always reluctant to engage the church through the press.

He said government will not relent in respecting the fundamental tenets of democratic such as the rule of law, good governance and promoting the freedoms that people are supposed to enjoy.

“We are running an open door and inclusive government to all stakeholders to engage in dialogue over any issue. We will not relax on respecting the fundamental tenets of democracy, good governance and the rule of law,” he said.

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