Zambia Booted Out of AFCON

ChipolopoloAfrica champions Zambia were held to a third straight draw by Burkina Faso to bow out of the competition after a scoreless tie in Group C.

Nigeria beat Ethiopia 2-0 to finish second in the pool on four points behind leader Burkina Faso who finished with five points.

It is the first time the defending champions have been booted out of the competition in the first round in 21 years.

The last time Algeria were the casualties. Now, Zambia will be preparing to head back home. Nigeria face Ivory Coast while Burkina Faso will play either Tunisia or Togo in the quarterfinals at the weekend.

Coach Herve Renard started the final Group C match without captain Christopher Katongo.

Burkina Faso have lost their key player Alain Traore to injury while Zambia has also lost Davies Nkausu to injury.


  1. Mike

    It’s a must win for Zambia

  2. joe

    chelsea went out of cl on first round as a champion so it is not a new thing if zambia did the same

  3. Mato

    We rily tried our level best. Anyway.

  4. Seed Inspector

    Fake champions lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  5. Jackson C Musamba

    The fact is we had brought the cup into our land for the first time! Thank you Lord for the privilege & we will go for it again since it is a possibilty!

  6. incitment

    Zambia becomes the first country to fail to qualify to quarterfinals as defending champions since 1992 – Zambian eye.

    Too bad Copper bullets !!!

  7. Amos Lwando

    We thank God for everything and Chipolopolo boys dont be discouraged you still have more to offer. Keep it up Mweene and the team. Katongo dont loose hope lets just learn and accept. This is history and lets look at what the future has for us. I love our Team. Zambians umwana kasembe please and they played well. It was noty our time and we thank them for the glory we got in 2012.

  8. Audrey Songwe

    Gods times is the best, they played well though no scores. Chipolopolo you brought the cup we longed for many years thank you and continued working hard theres always next time.

  9. Barbedwire

    At least we did not lose any game at AFCON but Cote Diovre were wired like chicken I love and pride in my country Zambia

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