Muchinga Police Officer Pleads Not Guilty to Sexual Assault

A Zambia Police Assistant Superintendent, Steven Mwenge of Chinsali, who was arrested and charged with defilement of a minor has pleaded not guilty to the charge.

Mwenge, 35, of house number one, Mayadi compound appeared in the Chinsali Magistrates court today charged with defilement of a minor.

Mwenge was arrested by police on Friday last week and was detained at Nambuluma police station and was later released on bond on his own recognition and has applied to court to seek legal representation as he had no time to prepare for the case when he was formally arrested.

Magistrates Shadreck Chanda advised the accused that provisions of section 31 sub section II as read with Act number 2 states that an accused person in such matters has a right before law to contend that the alleged girl in the defilement is not minor but a consenting adult.

The accused refused to comment on the provision and trail date has been set for March 5th 2013 and the accused has his bond been extended as such.

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