UPND Demands Arrest of Unruly PF Cadres

UPND VictimOpposition UPND has called on the police to arrest PF cadres that caused confusion at their rally on Sunday leading to the death of one person.

Party representative Edwin Lifwekelo said the PF cadres created violence in Kabwata during the rally resulting in many supporters that were injured.

Lifwekelo has since urged the police to bring to book the PF thugs that were armed with chains, stones and other objects to inflict injury on innocent Zambians.

PF cadres on Sunday assaulted UPND cadres while police helplessly watched without intervening and claimed to have been overpowered.

The PF cadres had formed a barricade at a road that led to Kabwata Basic School football pitch while armed police officers stood in the middle with UPND cadres on the other side.

However, police failed to restrain the charging cadres as they surged to clash in their presence.

The PF cadres, who were armed with stones and chains, hit several UPND cadres who bled profusely and were rushed to the hospital. In the ensuing confusion, PF cadres descended on their colleague whom they brutally beat and was pronounced dead at UTH.

One Response to “UPND Demands Arrest of Unruly PF Cadres”

  1. Mphangwe

    The experiences that Zambians are going through suggests that Idi Amin Dada of Uganda can claim a slot as an East African Angel.
    Apparently which Western Govt trained Koni to cause havoc in Uganda?
    Which Western power trained Osama Bin Laden to fight the Russians in Afghanistans? In southern Africa who facilitated the ascendance of a tyrant Sata to generate such misery to the people of Zambia?
    Is it feasible in a civilised world to find a State President being in the forefront generating fake offences against the opposition leaders. Does the US, Uk, France really believe that it is normal for Sata’s to arm his cadres to cause injuries and deaths to the innocent people.
    History is bound to repeat itself with the rebirth of another Koni or a Bin Laden in Zambia. If lives that were lost in Rufunsa and Kabwata were of European descent, the world could have been screaming in top gear.
    May God Hear Our Prayers.

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