Zambia Upgrades Military Equipment

The Zambia government has started replacing obsolete military equipment in all defence forces units with modern and advanced military equipment, according to the minister of Defence.

Geoffrey Mwamba said the PF government has realized the need to upgrade its military strength by acquiring state of the art machinery.

Mwamba has been touring military bases doted across the country and feels the state of the defence forces needs urgent attention.

He said government is eager to facilitate the process of modernizing all units of the Zambia defense forces across the country.

He assured to address the accommodation and other working conditions for soldiers.

Recently, President Michael Sata said he was worried with the poor state of the defence force especially the Zambia Air Force (ZAF).

He said during the graduation of SADC defence college students that ZAF needed to acquire a new troop career to ferry soldiers to conflict zones.

In an apparent plea for increased military spending, the defence minister also declared that Zambia currently lacks the military capability to adequately defend itself.

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  1. Lumaza

    More corruption monies for PF member. More money in the pocket of GBM and Sata.

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