Chipenzi Demands Retraction from Chuumbwe

Foundation for democratic process (FODEP) executive director McDonald Chipenzi has demanded a retraction of the statement made by Patriotic Front Lusaka chairman Godfrey Chuumbwe alleging that he was present at the UPND rally in Kabwata on Sunday.

On Monday, Chuumbwe accused Chipenzi of being present at the UPND rally to give support to the UPND.

But Chipenzi refuted Chuumbwe’s claims, advising him to be realistic with the allegations he makes.

Speaking to QFM news, Chipenzi says it is very unfortunate that Chuumbwe – organiser of the unruly cadres that assaulted people, can just decide to make such serious allegations without even having facts before him.

He says he was shocked to hear of Chuumbwe’s allegations because he was never at the UPND rally as alleged by Chuumbwe.

Chipenzi says he fully respects such democratic discussions which he however states should be quoted with truth.

He says it is time leaders put aside tribalism and concentrate on building a country for all citizens.

Chipenzi also notes that even if he had attended the UPND rally, there would be nothing wrong with that.

He further states that FODEP by its nature has all the moral and constitutional rights to attend any political rally convened by any political party.

Chuumbwe accused Chipenzi and Chibuluma of attending the UPND rally because they supported the opposition political party on tribal grounds.

Source: Qfm

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