Minister Suspends Kitwe Land Allocation

Wilbur SimuusaLands Minister Wilbur Simuusa has banned the sale of land by the Kitwe City Council.

Wilbur Simuusa banned the sale of land after a stampede by Kitwe residents when they went to queue up for land at the Civic Centre on Monday.

Simuusa blamed the council for the poor organization of the process and demanded a report on what led to the confusion on Monday.

“Those thousand plots, are they serviced? But then [if they are], this means that entire sale was not properly organized and I want a report on what happened,” he said.

Kitwe residents on Monday spent the night in queues in an attempt to buy some plots that the council had advertised for sale.

The Kitwe City Council has availed 900 plots for sale in Ndeke and Chamboli townships.

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