PF Misapplies over K500 Billion

PF supportersThe PF government has misapplied over K532 billion in 2011, the latest Auditor General’s report states.

According to the report scheduled to be released soon, the government abused the resources through unretired imprest, unreceipted payments, among other expenses.

Auditor General’s office public relations officer Ellen Chikale has confirmed the abuse saying the report will be made available to the public today.

And Transparent International Zambia (TIZ) has called on government to arrest officials who have misapplied government funds.

TIZ president Lee Habasonda said government should ensure that the officials who are culprit are brought to book.

He said the abuse of national resources retards development and that it should not be tolerated.


  1. CNP-4U

    hahahahaha..wapya munzi..very wasterful chaps..dunderheads..

  2. dorothy

    no senior member of govt and party will be investigated without my permission- ACC instructed.

  3. Iyeee...

    The issue of unretired imprest has been on the auditor generals lips for a long time.The question is,what the hell are we doing about it.Can we either cage the culprits or forget giving us reports that will not even be acted upon.

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