Government Agency Urges Tourists to Seek Tour Guides

The National Heritage Conservation Commission (NHCC) has urged tourists to seek tour guides when visiting sites in Zambia.

This follows the death of an 18 year old Danish tourist who plunged 67 meters deep when trying to take a picture of a falls in Serenje district.

NHCC director East and Southern African region Kagosi Mwanamulowe said his organization is working out modalities for tour guides to take through tourists at every site in Zambia to avoid such incidences

“There is need for tourists to liaise with site attendants to get information in terms of issues at various sites. Just to go to a site that you don’t understand and walk about is not safe,” he said.

An 18 year old died after she slipped and fell into Kundalila Falls in Serenje district.

The accident happened as Nilson was trying to take the picture of the falls and slipped on a rock then fell off 67 meters deep. In an attempt to save her life, the community managed to retrieve the body and rushed her to the district hospital where she was pronounced dead upon arrival.

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