Lusambo Demands Ban on Kachingwe’s Group

police-mmd-secretariatMMD die hard youth wing co-ordinator Bowman Lusambo has asked Home Affairs minister Edgar Lungu to ban a group led by expelled former national secretary Major Richard Kachingwe or risk encouraging lawlessness in the country.

Lusambo said Lungu, the Chawama parliamentarian, had 48 hours in which to stop Maj Kachingwe and expelled women’s national chairperson Catherine Namugala to stop posturing as MMD members.

He said the PF’s behaviour was worrying and a danger to the peace of the country. Lusambo has warned that the party will not sit back and watch some sponsored elements bring its name into ridicule.

Lusambo said there is no way the PF government can be promoting lawlessness and the people of Zambia watch with their hands down.

He said Lungu was treating the Zambia Police like a personal-to-holder security company.

Lusambo warned that if the unprofessionalism displayed by some senior police officers, who had clearly taken political sides continue, no one should be surprised when citizens find ways to protect themselves.

“Kachingwe and Namugala are just chancers. Edgar Lungu is allowing them to have an illegal secretariat. That thing does not exist in MMD and should be disbanded by the police, there is no connection with MMD,” he said.

Lusambo is demanding immediate action from the police on Kachingwe and Namugala’s group because the current message they were sending is risking the peace of the country.

He wondered what the police will do if people started taking the law in their own hands like Kachingwe and Namugala were doing.

Lusambo said there was only one MMD under the leadership of President Nevers Mumba who was getting ready to contest the elections in 2016.

Meanwhile, the Electoral Commission of Zambia has turned away some candidate representing Kachingwe and Namugala from filing in nomination in the Mpongwe by-elections.

Nominations for the by-elections in Livingstone and Mpongwe were underway today but a George Chilufya, representing Kachingwe and Namugala, were turned away as illegal candidates.

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