Presidential Powers Must Be Curbed – FDA

According to Ludwig Sondashi, president of the Forum for Democratic Alternatives, the powers of the presidency in Zambia are too expansive and must be curbed under the current constitution-making process.

“The President in Zambia enjoys excessive powers. He controls the Legislature, the Executive and the Judiciary, through appointment and through his important positions as Head of State, head of government and head of the ruling party,” Sondashi said.

Dr Sondashi called for a clear distinction and separation between the head of state and head of government by introducing a prime-ministerial system. He said under the arrangement, the status of parliament could be enhanced and such arrangement would make it easier for the Legislature and Judiciary to operate independently.

Sondashi had previously supported the Patriotic Front campaign during the 2011 election, but now appears to have flipped to the opposition with the re-launch of the FDA, an opposition party that describes itself as “issues-based” and “non-violent.”

Source: Post Newspaper

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