Sata Location Remains a Secret – Sakeni

kennedy-SakeniThe PF government has failed to disclose the whereabouts of President Sata who has disappeared after leaving the Africa Union Summit in Ethiopia earlier this week.

This follows mounting pressure from Zambians and MMD president Dr Nevers Mumba who demanded this evening that government should disclose where President Sata has gone instead of keeping the nation in the dark

Chief government spokesperson Kennedy Sakeni has said there is no need to speculate about President Sata’s whereabouts because he is safe and in good hands somewhere.

It is the first time a PF official has discussed President Sata’s absence following a media propaganda that was organised to deceive Zambians the Head of State had returned when he had been flown out for treatment.

Sakeni said President Sata needs time to reflect and have a peace of mind after working so hard.

He said there is an acting President in place and that it is unnecessary to speculate about the whereabouts of President Sata.

Sakeni could not even disclose when President Sata will be back only saying he will be back in the country shortly.

Dr Mumba had earlier said Zambians deserved to be informed on where President Sata has gone because, as tax payers, they have the right to know about the president’s travels and whereabouts.

“It is imperative that the Zambian people are informed about any travel that he is undertaking as President of the Republic of Zambia. These rumours that the President has gone to London or India for medical checkups should be addressed by government,” he said.

There have been speculations that President Sata has gone for medical checkups in London and that he will possibly reach Indian where he had earlier gone to seek treatment for a mysterious disease.


  1. Mphangwe

    The rantings of Hon. Mr. Sakeni do not hold water. His statement makes him a laughing stock by his own children, family and the PF Party he represents. Civilized states ensure that a Head of State (President or Prime Minister) is provided full security in his own country. It would a high mark of insanity for Hon. Sakeni so tell the nation that President Sata is in good hands somewhere. He must know that the life of a President is more vulnerable to extinction outside his/her country.

    The PF Government must learn to tell the truth on the health of President. We hope nothing worse happens, but if Sata slips out of those ‘good hands’ in Dubai, UK or India and dies, the trust a few people had on the PF will just melt away in a matter of seconds. Sakeni will not hide death because Dr. Kaseba will wail loudly for all to know. In this game of deception, and if Sata dies, the PF will have failed to reach the semi-final resulting in the deceptive players quietly reverting to their “soccer clubs”. Cancer of any kind and a failing heart are very serious organ ailments that needed the blessing of the nation through prayers. Ba Sakeni mwasebana kubufi.

  2. pur

    We have the right to know where he is dead or alive

  3. ponyax

    pitilisheni ukufisa, ikafika inshita ngafyafika pali moneni tamwaka fise….

  4. Mphangwe

    Apparently, the former Presidents Kenneth Kaunda, Levy Mwanawasa and Rupiah Banda always spent their time to reflect in Mfuwe under a quiet pristine environment endowed with a diversity wildlife. Mfuwe is therapeutic for the health of a hard working President. But why is Sakeni hiding the locality where President Sata is reflecting, even when we know that an efficient Security system is in place to protect him?

  5. Majaliwa

    iwe ka shi mumba iwe, ici iciwowo walumya pali kateka wesu cafuma kwi? pantu teti utubepe ati kusakamana ukwete, taulimuntu uwingasakamana iwe iyo.

    Sata alifye bwino, elyo mwebalemulombela amalwele ne mfwa muli nkomi, tamulibakwishibisha noko aletushisha nakalya… Ubutumpe bwenu bulinokumonekala ilyo akabwela mumutende.

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