Independent Churches Call for Repealing of POA

The Independent Churches of Zambia (ICOZ) has called for the repealing of the Public Order Act saying it is not serving everyone equally.

ICOZ board chairman Reverend David Masupa said had the current Public Order Act been repealed to meet the current political atmosphere; there would have been reduced political tensions in the country.

Rev. Masupa said the Public Order Act is currently conflicting with the people’s rights to assembly and speech.

The ICOZ board chairman has since challenged the courts of law to come out in the open and offer guidance to the nation as to what should be done to harmonize the situation.

He said the general populous is now stuck in between the freedoms of assembly and speech and the tenets of the Public Order Act.

Rev Masupa said this has brought a lot of confusion on the political arena and added that it is the Public Order Act that is limiting the number of political rallies that the opposition is allowed to hold.

Source: Qfm

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