‘June 2013 no Deadline for New Constitution’

The Technical Committee reviewing the constitution hopes to finish the process of collecting submissions and start drafting the final document by June, 2013 which will be beyond the stipulated deadline.

The committee is planning to hold the national convention earlier than scheduled to meet the deadline of delivering the new constitution as outlined in the roadmap.

“We have been thinking that we might bring it closer but that depends on how soon our rappotuers in different provinces give us their reports. The national convention will be represented by six delegates from each province,” spokesperson Ernest Mwansa said.

After the national conference, the technical committee will then start the process of drafting the constitution based on the submissions from all the provinces.

The technical committee’s final draft was scheduled for June 2013 but this may not be tenable as the process may need some more time especially that nothing is decided on the Referendum.

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