‘Missing’ President Sata Returns Home

Sata in a chopperPresident Michael Sata arrived back home this morning from an unknown destination aboard British Airways and elected to give no interviews to members of the press that went to Kenneth Kaunda International Airport to welcome him.

The PF government had kept the location of the Head of State a secret after he attended an African Union summit in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia which ended on January 28.

It later emerged, after increasing speculation, that President Sata had boarded an Emirates Airlines flight to the United Kingdom via Dubai.

This was after online media revealed that President Sata was flown to the UK for treatment and was later scheduled to connect to India.

President Sata or his officials did not say where they were coming from but sneaked in the country quietly. The Head of State was accompanied to wherever he went by First Lady Dr Christine Kaseba and his spokesperson George Chellah.

Ceremonial Vice President Guy Scott, defence minister Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba, finance minister Given Lubinda, home affairs minister Edgar Lungu were among the government officials that welcomed President Sata. He connected to State House using a chopper.

Government spokesperson Kennedy Sakeni, noticing the increasing speculation, appeared on national television at the weekend saying President Sata was taking a break after a lot of hand work for the country.

Sakeni assured Zambians that President Sata was in safe hands wherever he was.

Publicity director for the PF Chanda Mfula also said President Sata, who while in the opposition chased after Heads of State when ailing or mocked their ailements, deserved some privacy.

Mfula claimed that President Sata’s location was not a problem especially that government was not in a crisis and was functioning well.


  1. CNP-4U

    wina azafa..

  2. Levy

    Wat goes round comes round.

  3. mwanachingwala

    Given Lubinda z now the Finance Minister?oooook I ddnt know about that!

  4. dorothy

    shocked, post lied that sata came back alread

  5. Majaliwa

    te uyo abwela! iyo nalwala, iyo alafwa… iciwowo fye!
    alo ka shi mumba twebe ifyowalemufwaila.

  6. peter Sikazwe

    leave Sata alone, lekeni abaze. time to rate him will come. Mumba go back your puppet, wenzo nama Bantu @ zed shall be saved?

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