Govt Orders Demolition of Choma Houses

Choma Town Clerk, Mwiya Mwiya says the local authority will soon start demolishing houses built on illegally acquired land.

Mwiya said the council will also pull down structures built on land given by the Resident Development Committees (RDCs) because these organs have been disbanded and outlawed.

According to ZANIS, Mwiya said this in Choma today.

He said only the council is mandated by the Ministry of Lands to allocate land, adding that those getting land through other means were doing so at their own risk.

He appealed to all members of public to verify with the council whenever purchasing land from individuals.

The town clerk stressed that the local authority will demolish structures that have been built in unauthorized areas.

Mr Mwiya said former RDC members who will be implicated in any illegal land allocation will face the law as their activities border on criminality.

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  1. CNP-4U

    demolish and relocate the people ..not just demiolish..ala..

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