Minister Tells ‘Ungrateful’ Chipolopolo to Quit

Sata-ChipolopoloZambian Minister for Sports Chishimba Kambwili has reacted angrily to assertion that members of Chipolopolo did not trust the government pledge of US $90, 000 to players if they defended the Nations Cupin 2013.

Kambwili has warned the players not to go on a fishing expedition for excuses after failing to rise to the party when the government had done its part.

African champions Zambia were eliminated from the Nations Cup after failing to win any of their three group matches.

Reports on show that members of the team wanted houses for winning the 2012 Nations Cup and had difficulties trusting Kambwili for promising them US$ 90, 000 to defend the trophy.

Kambwili is not taking kind to those sentiments, “Last year, they were paid in excess of US $60, 000, what would make the government fail to pay US $90, 000?” he asked. “Ask the same boys, we were giving them their money even for the draws.”

According to the report, Kambwili has warned players that were dissatisfied to quit national duty.

“The issue of the houses was not brought to my attention, I was staying with the players at Protea Hotel [in South Africa],” he is quoted.

The minister also believes that those raising the assertions on player rewards were being unfair on the government.

“Government does not make fake promises, no matter how long it takes, the promise will be fulfilled,” he is further quoted describing the assertions as, “stupid comment to say the least. Let them not start fishing for excuses. It’s not fair.”

The final of the Nations Cup will be played on Sunday in Johannesburg between Nigeria and Burkina Faso.

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