PF Official Attacks President Sata’s Critic

The Patriotic Front in Lusaka province says political analyst Dante Saunders is venting his frustrations at President Michael Sata and the PF government through his criticism after failing to get a job in the PF government

PF Lusaka province chairperson Geoffrey Chumbwe in a statement released to QFM News says Saunders is embarrassing and the people he is purporting to be supporting through his ill-informed criticism of the PF government.

Chumbwe says Saunders, who he described as a nomadic self-proclaimed political analyst, is incapable of offering genuine criticism or commanding any respect; given his own narrow interests which are far from being noble.

Saunders is petitioning Parliament to impeach President Sata for constitution breaches with the latest being the attempted recommendation for ratification acting Chief Justice Lombe Chibesakunda as head of the Judiciary when she is way passed retirement age.

He says Saunders is a well-known self-interested political pilgrim, whose pilgrimage would only end if he found a government that would give him a self-serving job.

The PF provincial chairperson says had Saunders had any drop of usefulness left in him, he would have found space in the current administration, but that it is not the party’s fault that he is ill-fitted for the progressive agenda that President Michael Sata’s government is vigorously pursuing.

Chumbwe says Saunders has nothing to showcase for his achievements, and the PF is not in the habit of awarding jobs to people who will merely warm their office chairs without making any meaningful contribution to improve the welfare of the Zambian people.

Source: Qfm


  1. CNP-4U

    Saunders is a man of integrity than you car thief..

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    Yaku, integrity isangwe mucimbwi!

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