Sakeni Backs ACC on Banda

Chief Government spokesperson Kennedy Sakeni has maintained that the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) is within the law to summon former Republican President Rupiah Banda for questioning.


Sakeni, who is Information and Broadcasting Services Minister, said in a statement that president Banda should appear before ACC as he was only immune to prosecution and not investigations.


“Let Mr Banda answer the corruption allegations levelled against him because there is nothing illegal that the law enforcement agencies have done,” he said.


He advised those who wanted to play national politics to learn to be honest as misrepresentation of facts would not take them anywhere.


Meanwhile, the Law Association of Zambia says a committee was looking into the matter and would soon communicate its views to the public.


  1. kapumpe chilombo

    What is really the definition of the word “prosecution” in the case of presidential immunity? Let us not forget that the English language has many synonyms or words that mean the same or almost the same as another. The same is true with the word “prosecution” which has numerous synonyms such as : “trial, action, suit, examination, hearing, tribunal, assessment, inspection, check, scrutiny, investigation, analysis, enquiry, search, probe, question, query, inquest, survey, explore, scrutinize, sieve, filter, strain, sort through…….,

  2. Kwacha Ngwee

    With this level of Ministers no wonder Sata is making a lot of mistakes.

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