Sata Underwent Minor Heart Surgery – State House Sources

zambia-michael-sata-soft-on-corruptionPresident Michael Sata is reported to have undergone a successful minor surgery to insert a bypass as a secondary cure for his heart problem in the UK last week.

According to sources, President Sata has a heart problem which require frequent checks to prevent a premature heart attack.

“The President was successfully treated when in Europe. There is no danger for now on his part.

“This bypass procedure is usually done when the flow of blood to the heard is restricted and causing slow pulse. Patients usually find difficulties in breathing but when inserted, the artificial bypass, it creates space to restore the normal heart beat.

“The only danger is that once the patient has a heart attack, they never survive,” the State House source said.

President spent six days out of the country to an unknown destination after the African Union Summit in Ethiopia but reports show he was in the United Kingdom for heart surgery and later proceeded to India for review of his prostate cancer.

According to medical information gathered, an artificial bypass procedure has a number of side effects such as loss of mental function in elderly people, and it can contribute to immediate cognitive decline.

Under normal circumstances, patients undergoing coronary artery bypass surgery need to avoid using their arms excessively, such as pushing themselves out of a chair or reaching back before sitting down.

President Sata’s recent trip to England was shrouded in a cloud of secrecy with chief government spokesperson Kennedy Sakeni saying he was in a safe place resting somewhere.

However, government had declined to disclose where he went and this has raised speculation about his state of health as the Head of State is yet to make any public appearance for two weeks nows.

According to a ZANIS schedule, President Sata’s first public appearance may be today when he conducts a swearing in ceremony.


  1. pf cadre


  2. CNP-4U

    yaba..when is he gonna have an attack..?

  3. Heaman Haachilala

    This is very dangerous! Can someone advise him(HEMS) to step down for his own good?
    This way he will be treated by the masses as a statesman!

  4. Mary

    This is clearly the final weeks for poor Mr. Sata. While his family will be in my thoughts and prayers, I must say I am very worried about what his colleagues in the party are trying to do to the country. They clearly intend to hold onto power at all costs – even though the people didn’t vote for Kabimba, GBM, Lubinda, or even Chikwanda – they voted for Sata. When he dies, there must be elections.

  5. Mubanga

    So why were they hiding? WE have known at last.

  6. oswald

    so sad ,lets stand up as a country and pray for the good health of our leaders, we were drown backwards after the death of levy M. H. S. R. I. P God help us.

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