Govt Awards K272 Billion Road Tender To Avic

The Ministry of Local Government has paid K272 billion kwacha to Avic Engineering Company for the expansion of Lusaka roads.

Lusaka City Council Senior Civil Engineer, Mainza Simoonga said the project will see 2 thousand 8-hundred kilometres of roads within Lusaka being expanded.

The project will start soon after the construction company completes designing the roads and is expected to be completed within 42 months.

Under the project, 32 roads will be expanded.

These include Burma, Chilimbulu, Thabo Mbeki and Independence Avenue among other roads.

Meanwhile Nationalist road will be expanded in order to pave the way for an emergency lane for ambulances going into the University Teaching Hospital -UTH.

And Dedan Kimath is also expected to have an extra lane which will ease the flow of traffic for buses going in and out of the inter-city bus terminus.

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