Road Agency: It’s the Third Worst Road Tragedy in Zambia

Bus AccidentThe Great North road traffic accident is the third worst accident in the history of Zambia since the country was formed.

According to RATSA statistics, the worst road accident was recorded at Pumula in Kabangwe in which 73 people died at once.

There was another road traffic accident later where 56 people died in the 1990’s when a UBZ bus overturned.

And RTSA has vowed to intensify patrols to avert any more road traffic accidents in the country.

Executive director Zindaba Soko said they will step up efforts to ensure that road regulations are adhered to.

“The accident that happened this morning, it is indeed a very sad day to lose so many lives. It is saddening that this was basically caused by human error because of unnecessary overtaking.

“It’s a warning to drivers on the road that we won’t tolerate reckless driving and we won’t show any mercy for people speeding on the road. Definitely, as an immediate intervention, we are stepping up our operations because we don’t want to lose many more lives just because of one simple mistake, I think that is very unacceptable,” Soko said.

However, there have been repeated road traffic accidents in Zambia involving long distance passenger buses that continue to claim lives through careless driving and vehicles that are not road worthy.


  1. Kelvin

    Mr Soko you’ve said that you will not tolerate naughty drivers that is very much welcome but the point were you’ve said that vehicles not road worthy should be impounded that is good to the ears too. But most are the times I see racks of buses on the road and just pass your patrol check points freely. The people you put on the check points are terribly compromised. You need to look into that issue.

  2. Peter

    Dear Mr Soko. I don’t think that speed is the major problem here. It’s more a complete disregard for the rules of the road with a combination of the amount of un-roadworthy vehicles. I see it every day, logging trucks, mini bus taxis, privately owned taxis, they just do as they please and if we don’t get out of their way they just mow us over without a worry or a care and its the innocent people that suffer. How is it possible for a truck with absolutely no lights, no widescreen and no doors allowed to travel on the roads and still get through a police check point without any questions being raised and when you question it you are told that they have a valid fitness certificate. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to realise that this vehicle is not fit to be on the roads and yet they are getting away with it. Drastic action needs to be taken against all the culprits.

  3. Mubanga

    I wish RATSA was not as corrupt as they are! Problem is corruption!

  4. Percy

    So this is the third worst, what of the Kawambwa boys disaster that claimed the lives of so many school children, I thought it was the worst?
    Anyway, the way forward is for RTSA to do what they need to do but most importantly is for goverment to embark on the construction of dual carriage free ways connecting Lusaka and the major cities like Ndola, Livingstone and so on. Lusaka at South Africa’s road network. You can’t have a head on collision on such roads coz they are dual carriage ways. Great East, Great North, Lusaka-Livingstone, Kapiri – Ndola and so on, should all be upgraded to dual carriage free ways, then such accidents will be a thing of the past. May the Souls of the departed rest in eternal peace.

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