Food Shortage Hits Luangwa

Hunger has started ravaging the country following the PF government’s poor management of the agriculture sector.

The first area that has been hit with hunger is Luangwa district of Lusaka province where all the chiefdoms have been affected by food shortages.

Lusaka province minister Freedom Sikazwe has confirmed the starvation and that there is urgent need to address the crisis

Sikazwe said a team of experts from Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) will soon be sent to assess the extent of the hunger in Luangwa district.

He said during the tour of the district, he noted every chiefdom in the district is affected by hunger and that the situation will deteriorate if nothing is done.

“The challenge that we found in Luangwa is hunger. There is hunger in Luangwa to the extent that every chief that we visited spoke about it. I will be following up with relevant authorities to try and see how we can help in terms of the provision of food. The situation is not pleasing,” Sikazwe said.

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