Sordid Details of PF Minister’s Affair End Up in Court

Rayford-MbuluSalome Mulenga, the jilted lover of Labour Deputy Minister Rayford Mbulu is seeking justice for the abuse she has suffered at the hands of the minister who is abusing his influence in government to suppress her.

Mulenga has said the minister was trying to pre-empt his crimes by dragging her to court instead of responding to the main issues in their relationship.

She has alleged that Mbulu was “shameless” and a known womanizer who has had scores of children out of wedlock both in Lusaka and the Copperbelt.

But when contacted, Mbulu said Mulenga was an extortionist who was only interested in his money. He boasted that President Sata was aware of his relationship with Mulenga and that the president was not going to sack him for having an illicit affair with the woman.

Mulenga says Mbulu had slept with her on several occasions and he willfully infected her with HIV, the virus that causes incurable AIDS and impregnated her twice in the process.

She said in an interview at her home in Lusaka that Mbulu and his wife had promised to compensate her with an amount between K250 million and K300 million in order to end their relationship and the trauma she had experienced.

She said Mbulu had sued her in the Lusaka Magistrates Court on charges of trespassing and the use of insulting language in order to divert attention from the main issues in the affair.

“He decided to drag me to court after I went to his office to demand for my compensation, which he was not honouring especially that he did not even want to answer my phone calls. When I got to his office, he wanted to sleep with me right there but I refused. I shouted at him for the bad things he was doing to me. He got infuriated and asked the guards to throw me out and I was assaulted in the process. There are medical records to that effect, but the police decided to arrest and locked me up instead after he went to the Lusaka Central Police to lodge a complaint against me,” she said.

Mulenga and Mbulu’s story is a tale of love and hurt which started years back when Mbulu was the president for the Mine Workers Union of Zambia. He was on official duty in Siavonga during the Zambia Congress of Trade Unions conference when he met Mulenga, who was also on a business trip to the district.

“He took me for a drink that night and lured me into his bed at a lodge. I begged him to use a condom but he tricked me and removed it in the process. I got pregnant from that and he accepted before I had a miscarriage. That is how our affair started and his wife later found out. She used to call and insult me on the phone, but I asked her to tell her husband to stop following me. I told Mrs Mbulu what her husband had done to me. She apologised and she arranged for a meeting for the three of us at Inter Continental hotel where they promised to pay me between K250 million and K300 million for willingly infecting me with HIV and that I should end the affair with Mbulu,” she said.

Last year, Mulenga went to Mbulu’s government office to seek an audience with him regarding the compensation, but the meeting spiraled out of hand. Mbulu instructed his guards to drag Mulenga to the Lusaka Central Police where she was detained for five days without the police taking her to the courts.

“The police kept on shifting my charge from trespassing to the use of insulting language and they did this every day so that they beat the 24 hour deadline needed for a suspect to appear in court. The police openly told me that I had no case, but it was the minister who was pressuring them to lock me up. In fact, he refused to be attended to by constables. He demanded to have our case handled by senior police officers and for me, this is pure abuse of power and my rights,” she said.

After the police managed to the police managed to take Mulenga to court, but Mbulu connived with his then Permanent Secretary Amos Malupenga to have the matter presided on by Malupenga’s wife who is a magistrate, but the case was shifted to another court.

“The then Minister of Labour Fackson Shamenda tried to intervene in the matter, but he wanted to refer me to the Ministry of Gender where I was to be given a loan but I refused to enter into such an arrangement. Shamenda ended up insulting me and he boasted on having fathered many children across Zambia and it that it was not his fault that the women opened their legs for him,” she said.

Mulenga’s assault case is still at the police because the police system is trying to suppress the matter. Mulenga has lodged complaints with the then Lusaka Police Commissioner Solomon Jere, but noting was being done to arrest Mbulu and the guards who assaulted her.

Mulenga had an audience with Jere even when he was promoted to the position of deputy Inspector General of Police.

However, Dr Solomon Jere expessed ignorance about the matter when he was contacted. Dr Jere said he was going to gather details from his juniors and furnish them to this writer, but he has stopped picking up phone calls to follow up the matter.

“I had written a letter of complaint to the Inspector General of Police Stella Libongani about my case and I got a response that they are looking into the case. I have now been forced to write to the Secretary to the Cabinet who has also acknowledged receipt of my complaint,” she said.

Mulenga’s lawyer Sakwiba Sikota has acknowledged receipt of the documents from the police. Sikota also furnished this author with Mulenga’s medical records and other documents from the police that show Mulenga was arrested more than five times and her charge was changed several times during her incarceration.

Sikota has asked the police were not being sincere in the handling of Mulenga’s case. He said the minister was abusing someone’s human rights with impunity and it was unfortunate that he was using his position to leverage his way on the matter.

“Let the Minister of Gender tell us something about people who willingly infect others with HIV and whether there is a law to punish such people,” he said.

But in a separate interview at his home in Lusaka, Mbulu who was flanked by his wife said President Michael Sata was aware of the problem he had with Mulenga. He said President Sata was aware that Mulenga was imposed on her by the Secret service and his MMD detractors.

“Salome Mulenga is responsible for my removal as president of the Mine Workers Union of Zambia. She was being used by the people who were fighting me. She is a con-woman who is only after my money, which I have worked for very hard as you could be aware that I have risen from a nobody to a somebody in society,” he said.

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