Sakeni Threatens Opposition over Commonwealth Appeal

kennedy-SakeniSpokesman for the Patriotic Front government Kennedy Sakeni has issued a strongly worded statement threatening the opposition with consequences following a widely covered press conference in Johannesburg in which they presented an appeal to the Commonwealth over alleged rights violations.

Sakeni’s statement particularly takes aim at former President Rupiah Banda, who, although was not present during the conference, is represented by Robert Amsterdam, one of the lawyers working with the Coalition for the Defence of Democratic Rights (CDDR). The PF representative appeared to threaten to prosecute those who attended the press conference.

“Our word of advice to Mr. Banda and his newly constituted ‘defence’ team of Pastor Mumba, Mr. Hichilema and Mr. Sikota is that the matters he is facing shall be justly determined within the Zambian jurisdiction,” Sakeni’s statement reads. “Therefore, let them make no mistake because this PF Government is resolved to seek justice with regards to Mr. Banda and his children’s alleged involvement in the plunder of this country’s public resources. We shall follow the laid down legal procedures and processes to seek justice for the Zambian people.”

The Zambian government’s statement made no reference or refutation of the long list of rights violations contained in the Commonwealth report, which included numerous arrests of opposition leaders on flimsy grounds, harassment of media and journalists, and interference with civil society and the judiciary.

“Let them know that there is nothing democratic about intentions to sow despondency and anarchy in a country. In fact, today’s act on foreign soil by these disgruntled opposition leaders alone is a serious indictment on their preparedness and eligibility to lead this country. It’s very clear that they are not ready for the task they so much long for. Who takes pride in discrediting a country they aspire to lead? It’s totally wrong; unAfrican and falls short of the elementary dictates of patriotism and focussed leadership,” Sakeni’s statement reads.


  1. Iyeee...

    I feel ashamed that I come from the same area as this monkey!

  2. Dee

    Sham pf, you ar not normal people…. You have failed as, th people who put your ass in power. Never, I mean never will get a vote for me..

  3. Heaman Haachilala

    I can’t understand this empty statement from an equally dull man! He makes no attempt to address the issues raised but just rants emptily like a rabid dog!


  4. Ola

    Please Zambia Reports create proper boundaries for commenting including putting likeit like Lusaka Times. The comment page is to raw and doesnt attract at all. Try to have a competitive advantage. You bring good news but the website style is tellibo in terms of comment box.

  5. Mphangwe

    A fair content of education would have modified Sakeni’s inltellectual capacity to appreaciate that the people of Zambia are part of the SADC region, they are part of the African Union, they are part of the British Commonwealth, and are certainly part of the global family under the umbrella o the United Nations. Besides, the European Union, the Soviet block of nations, the Asian group of nations are watching over how human rights are being torn apart by the PF Govt in Zambia.

    Even in a village set-up, Sakeni knows well that a man who brutalizes his wife and children cannot escape the wrath of the village community.

    President Sata dribbled the youth who voted him into power by turning guns of torture on the parents of the very youths that supportedd him. In order to divert attention on his failure to deliver promises to the nation, Sata is unleashing selected units of cruel Police Officers to harass and instil fear in the minds of the vulnerqable Zambians

    We are in pains, cannot utter a word publicly because of the network of terror that Sata has propagated by assembling a diversity of criminals to manage the press and judicial system which civilization has moulded to protect humanity. The PF regime has twinned up with Mugabe to form an axis of EVIL against the peoples of Zambia and Zimbabwe. Under the circumstances that Sata is brutalising members of the opposition parties, who are actually citizens of Zambia to exercised freedom of speech and movement, the Zambian people can only look up for help from the SADC community, the African Union, the Commonwealth community and the United Nations.

    The clock is ticking and Sata and his known clique will soon face the wrath of Zambian people, the SADC region, the African Union, the Commonwealth of Nations and the United Nations.

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