Govt Shuts Down Chinese Smelter

The Zambian government has issued an environmental restoration order to shut down the Chinese owned Chambishi Copper smelter.

Government through the Zambia Environmental Management Agency (ZEMA) says it has decided to close Chambishi Copper Smelter due to massive pollution.

ZEMA recently conducted investigations into alleged excessive sulphur dioxide emissions following a complaint by some farmers.

About 100 farmers petitioned government to investigate the sulphur dioxide pollution which they claimed destroyed their corps.

“We have since taken action; we have issued Chambishi Copper Smelter with an environmental restoration order,” said a ZEMA official Patson Phiri.

He said ZEMA had recommended that CCS puts in place online monitoring instruments that would show that there was no further high level emission of sulphur dioxide into the environment.

And Chambeshi Copper Smelter has since complied with the order and shut down operations.

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