Eternal Vows? Kasisi Nun in Alleged Sex Scandal

zambia-nun-sex-scandalA nun who has been involved in a sexual relationship with a police constable at Kasisi mission has angered local residents and this has prompted her transfer to Mbala in Northern Province in January, 2013.

The Zambia Police was forced to dispatch an armed battalion to quell the impending protest by Kasisi residents who complained that many nuns were breaking their vows.

The police constable who was romancing with the nun has not been removed from the police station because the matter was private and it did not affect his official duties.

Police spokesperson Elizabeth Kanjela refused to comment on the matter saying she had not received details of the case.

But the police officer who was romancing with the nun opted to remain anonymous but he confessed that he engaged in sexual relations with the nun.

“The woman used to come to my office and she would sit carelessly and made suggestive gestures. I was prompted as a man to propose love to her and she accepted. We agreed to be meeting at a certain place where we would make love. However, she made a mistake and our affair was exposed,” he said.

According to the constable, his affair with the nun was exposed by another nun who discovered romantic text messages between the two.

“This nun had gone to bath and left the mobile phone in her room and there was a text message from me asking her to come to the place where we often met. This was when her phone was confiscated and the whole things was exposed,” he said.

According to another police officer who was in the team that went to Kasisi to quell the protest by locals said the people wanted to descend on both the police and the nuns for condoning immorality.

Efforts to get a reaction from superiors at Kasisi Mission failed by press time.


  1. CNP-4U

    hahahahaha..nuns..they are finished..a long time ago we used to have not any more..just check out the immorality in the govt..lol

  2. The Instigator

    she should quit and get married to the cop to whom she bared her holy legs

  3. Peter

    this is disgusting – have they no shame?

  4. chalo

    nuns are human and biological. u r yet to know what secrets these people carry. now keep quite and grow wise.
    all she has to do is go through sepration and get married. it happens all over the catholic. so stop sitmatizing a human being when your acts are not in public domain for critique

  5. Mwana Mfumu

    Sex is something God made to be enjoyed by married people. Human beings are sexual beings

  6. gigo

    yamunyokola nyere nun.siisankha yayi onyokola.

  7. Changa muswesi

    Please get the facts right on this issue. The girl in question was a trainee novice from Tanzania and was dismissed last year in March. She was not a sister.

  8. Mampi

    Swilili… that’s not just a song. Nuns are human and fall for the sweet taste. Niyozuna ija. Ask Mpezeni umene amakamba ati matenda yankala pacha kudya.

  9. Heaven

    90% of guys would not hesitate to screw a nun, the policeman is a guy!

  10. jonathan mushanga

    it gud for a person to cum out en tell the world if he/she cnt manage on some issues.pliz our priest,nuns stick to yo vows wich u promisd tha day u were ordained,f u cnt manage go 4 repentnce ask 4 Gods mercy on u.he wul surely 4gve u.den u gt married.

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