Kachingwe Testifies in Assault Case

kachingwe1-e1354619559318Four MMD youths accused of assaulting embattled former party national secteary Major Richard Kachingwe have appeared in the Lusaka magistrate court facing three counts of assault occasioning to actual body harm.

These are MMD Die Hard Youth Wing co-ordinator Bowman Lusambo, 35, of house number 8240 Chamba Valley, Chiwele Maimisa, 44, of house number 10 Chilenje South and Scorpion Kadobi, 44, of house number 89 Lusaka West and Watson Mtonga of Mtendere Township.

The court heard that on December 3, 2012, the four jointly and whilst acting together with other unknown people assaulted Major Kachingwe, publicity secretary Tobias Kafumukache and MMD sympathiser Gregory Chifire.

Major Kachingwe who gave testimony on the matter said MMD Youth Wing Hard Die Co-ordinator Bowman Lusambo and Lusaka province youth chairperson Watson Mtonga beat him and dragged him out of his office before other youths descended on him.

Major Kachingwe, 62, said before Lusaka Chief Resident Magistrate Joshua Banda that Bowman Lusambo was the one issuing instructions to other youths to attack him.

“Bowman Lusambo acted like a big commander who instructed other youths to beat me. I sustained injuries on my body and bled profusely on one of toes because of the beatings and dragging I was subjected to,” he said.

Major Kachingwe said on December 1, 2012 he went to addressa press briefing at the MMD secretariat where he announced the invalidation of Dr Nevers Mumba’s position as MMD president but violence ensued during the event resulting in his beating by the party youths.

“Watson Mtonga approached me in my office and told him that he was not happy about his decision to invalidate Dr Mumba as MMD president. While in my office, I heard noises from outside with voices of people who were asking where I was and this was in
vernacular but before he knew it, Mr Pande and Dr Chituwo left the office,” he said.

Major Kachingwe said shortly after the press conference, he looked through the window amd saw a crowd of youths who were after him. I could hear them asking where I was and I sensed danger,” he said.

He said the youths forced their way into his office and dragged him out.

“They grabbed me and started punching me and later took me out of office like a thief. They punched me everywhere on my body and dragged me through the secretariat lobby, to the kitchen, outside and all hell broke loose,” Major Kachingwe said.

He said that the matter was reported to the police and obtained he a medical report from Levy Mwanawasa Hospital.

During examination-in-chief Major Kachingwe said that he was still the substantive national secretary for the former ruling party.

The matter has been adjourned to March 28 this year for continued trial.

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