Maize Shortage Causes Hunger in Northern Province

zambia-hungerHunger has broken out in Nsumbu area of Nsama District in Northern Province because of a critical shortage of maize.

The food shortages have forced shop owners to hike up the price of mealie meal to Kr 85 in stores where the commodity is available.

The shortage of grain was exacerbated by the selling of maize to briefcase buyers and the Food Reserve Agency (FRA).

Northern Province Minister Gerry Chanda confirmed that there was hunger in Nsumbu area.

But after selling all the maize from Nsumbu, the government now wants the FRA to source the grain from other areas and transport it back to the area.

“I was in Nsumbu to check on the situation. Things are not okay there, but as a working government, we are going to act quickly to avert the situation by ensuring the FRA supplies maize to those households,” he said.

He said the the government would direct the FRA to transport over 600 tonnes of maize every two weeks from Mpulungu to save lives from starvation.

Many parts of Zambia are experiencing intermittent supply of mealie meal and the commodity is sold at exorbitant prices when it is available.  Since coming into power,  the Patriotic Front has struggled with both agricultural and monetary policy, leading to confrontations between millers and the government and the imposition of ineffective price controls.


  1. CNP-4U

    those chaps are too dull and lazy..let them starve to death..

  2. Spyglass

    they CAUSE the hunger and then tell us they are a working govt. Anyway, kwamene UKO!!

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