Defecting UPND Members Praise Govt

UPND Sinazongwe Member of parliament Richwell Siamunene who is poised to take up a government position soon says the PF has done exceptionally well in governing the nation since 2011.
He has thanked the Patriotic Front (PF) for having what he described as a human heart for all the people of Zambia irrespective of their ethnic belonging.
Speaking in Sinazongwe today when southern province minister Josephine Limata inspected the bottom road where bridges have been washed away, Siamunene said the PF government has truly demonstrated that it is a government for all Zambians.
He said it is encouraging to note how government swiftly responded to disasters that strike people in any part of the country.
The opposition MP said he is particularly impressed with the way the PF government has reacted to the disaster situation following passionate appeals by the valley people.
Siamunene said it is heartening that the PF government can put aside political difference and treat all Zambians the same.
And Limata said President Michael Sata was a man who truly loved all Zambians irrespective of their tribal or regional belonging.
“The decision by President Sata to appoint Itehi Tezhi UPND MP Greyford Monde as Deputy Minister in the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock clearly shows that he wants all Zambians to participate in the development of this country,” she said.
Source: ZANIS


  1. Former victim

    Siamunene has swindled a lot of unsuspecting victims through his bogus real estate agency (mutimbi)

  2. muke

    Join PF where there is honey

  3. CNP-4U

    Siamunene..end of your political carreer..join PF kwamna wanya..

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