Last Minute: Zesco MD Opts Out of Public Hearing

Zesco has failed to make a presentation at a public hearing in Livingstone to review electricity tariffs in the tourist capital. Managing director Cyprian Chitundu said they do not have sufficient information to give the public and asked to reschedule the hearing to another date.

The electricity supply company has created waves of surprise among stakeholders that were already seated awaiting the ZESCO presentation after widely publishing the event.

Chitundu’s stance also surprised Energy Regulation Board (ERB) board chairperson Dr George Chabwera who had already made a speech and told the people to make good contributions when the hearing commences.


  1. Seed Inspector

    Commedy and jokes at every level be it by the president, ministers, board chairmen and indeed MDs. Kaya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. gigo

    it is total incompetence for md to behave like that.why cant he be replaced.is he a cadre or relative to sata?what a shame.he must be disciplined.

  3. chidyaka

    Boma yama nyengo iyi zoana. Ba mambala aba kulibe vame bachita.

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