Nevers Accuses Sata of Lies

MMD president Nevers Mumba has accused President Sata of lying the opposition leaders are seeking political asylum from South Africa.

He was reacting to President Sata’s claim that Dr Mumba, UPND president Hakainde Hichilema, United Liberal Party president Sakwiba Sikota and former president Rupiah Banda were seeking political asylum from South Africa.

This comes in the wake of a Commonwealth petition to suspend Zambia by the opposition members and a subsequent press briefing held in Rosebank, Johannesburg.

And Hichilema has said the opposition leaders went to demonstrate how the PF government is abusing human rights for its citizens especially with the restriction of the right to assembly.

However, Dr Mumba said President Sata has lied once again just like he lied to the Zambia people over the 90-day promises.

He vowed to face the PF brutality on and will not run away from Zambia. Dr Mumba said the President’s false allegations imply that he wants to get rid of the opposition so that he can make Zambia a one party state.

Dr Mumba said the opposition party leaders were in South Africa to present a petition of the PF human rights abuses against its own individuals.

He said they uaed the opportunity in South Africa to also meet their human rights lawyer Robert Amsterdam who is supposed to represent them when presenting a petition to the Commonwealth.

“There are no boundaries with human rights issues and these issues are not restricted to Zambia. You can present them anywhere around the world because they go beyond borders.

“We went there to meet our lawyer, our international lawyer for human rights.
That is why we went over there because our international lawyer can’t even come here, he has been banned. So we had to meet in a country where he could be allowed to look at our issue,” he said.

Dr Mumba said they have prepared a 40-paged petition for the Commonwealth, 60 paged petition for the African Union and an 80 paged petition for the United Nations.

He said the petitions were giving critical details of the human rights abuses and the people the PF is using to abuse the human rights.


  1. Democratic zambian

    The problem we have as Zambians now is we have learnt to talk and good at misusing the right to talk. freedom has it’s limit. some of you have forgotten about the Kaunda days we did not need to go to commonwealth to change Zambia to what it is to day. if you have failed to offer checks and balances to the government tep aside and let those who can manage these wings other than proclaiming wrong things about our lovely Zambia. If you have personal issues please DONT use your positions to undress each other in public. As a Zambia we need both the Government and the opposition, as your followers DO NOT allow us to engange in fighting each other, we all come from one mother – ZAMBIA – period.

  2. Majaliwa

    ka shi mumba, waposa itaulo muli bushimapepo, waamba ukupepa inkumba ya muntu amsterdam! kupunama oko ….

    • Duducha

      chikala Majaliwa ulimbushe… imwe na chi Sata chobe muli ndoshi. Fi Mailoni Brothers imwe

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