Brace for Hunger, Urges PF Minister

maize-zambia-reportsThe PF government has finally admitted the mismanagement of the agriculture sector and are now bracing themselves for the looming hunger.

Northern Province minister Colonel Gerry Chanda has said government should stand ready to address the looming hunger situation in the country.

Colonel Chanda said the impending hunger is as a result of poor performance by institutions mandated to manage the agriculture sector.

After touring the province, he said government has not done well in promoting agriculture in the 2012/2013 agriculture season.

There are fears of hunger in the country this year after a poor approach to agriculture policies that included late delivery of farming inputs. Nsumbu in Kasama has already started recording serious food shortages while the price of mealie meal is sky-rocketing.




  1. The Instigator

    they should not get our maize in the south to give the monkeys in the north.there is no connection between them and us in the south.

  2. Chile Tombi

    Tiza vutika chino chaka na vi chule ivi.

  3. Humble

    I think zambia report your news is balanced to opposition and you are going noway becouse you can’t see all the good services gvt is doings and at as now opposition is not helping us.

  4. Humble

    @ invesgater. The north are better off because they cane use cassava they grown 3 years ago.

  5. gigo

    this news came from your minister you foolish cadre and i thank him for a spade a spade and not a monkey like you.the only honest pf official has warned your uncle that your relatives will starve this year.tell them to grow their own food like southerners and easterners and not wait for relief food cos your uncle is in plot one

  6. CNP-4U

    we told you that PF will not bring any development to Zambia..hunger will be a thing of the day..well done Col Chanda..tell your friends you ve failed..

  7. Daliso

    Nkani iyi izativuta manigi haso. Hope my people will not die from starvation.

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