Sata Happy with pro-PF NGOs like TIZ

LunguPresident Michael Sata is said to be happy with PF aligned NGOs like Transparency International Zambia calling for the removal of former president Rupiah Banda’s immunity but are keeping a blind eye to the corruption involving his ministers.

TIZ, which has became ineffective after campaigning for the PF in the last general elections, has seen his top official like executive director become more of the government’s advocate that play the watchdog role they donor community funds them for.

A sources tells Zambia Reports that that TIZ used to receive information on alleged corruption in the MMD from the PF’ Post Newspapers. However, since the Post Newspapers started supporting PF, TIZ has failed to investigate any corrupt activities in government and has since been compromised.

Lungu announced plans to mobilize support for the lifting of immunity of Banda and is understood to be planning with government officials to help the organization rent some crowds to demonstrate.

Chief government spokesperson Kennedy Sakeni has since offered support to TIZ and that government is keen to lift the immunity from former president Banda. Sakeni said he will give such NGOs express permission to demonstrate.

Another organization that was headed by PF cadre Bornwell Tembo, Anti-Voter Apathy (AVAP), has also been recruited to call for the lifting of immunity.

AVAP was previously led by Born Tembo who has since officially joined PF cadres awaiting a job in government.

However, some parliamentarians are not ready to support the removal of Banda’s immunity because the ruling PF have not established any corruption directly linked to the former Head of State but view the move as politically motivated.



  1. Iyeee...

    This guy is a fool.TIZ my ass.Lets audit your books idiot.

  2. CNP-4U

    TIZ should be closed for failing to live upto its expectations..they are plunderers too..

  3. Daliso

    TIZ is part of the corruption. This ka Lungu idiot must just keep quiet

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