UN Counsels Zambia on Projects

Guy Scott speaks at Sikatana funeralThe United Nations (UN) has urged government not to do away with projects that have benefited Zambians on account of political expediency.

UN Zambia director Winnie Wignaraja said at the government consultative with donors on the management of wildlife in the country.

“I do want to say that there are some things which are working well and where there have been a public private partnership which is positive and we would like to see more of that demonstrated forward. So I think we shouldn’t throw the baby out of the bath water. It is very good to see the committee looking at community based natural resources management,” he said.

And Vice-President Guy Scott has said there is need to address the wildlife sector which he claims was seriously mismanaged by the Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA).

Dr Scott, whose wife Charlotte is a board member at ZAWA, said the wildlife sector was grossly mismanaged by management and that this situation should change.

“We need to avoid similar mistakes of making wildlife sector in Zambia a play thing. We want a unified police which is driven by what our manifesto says which is that the poor people of this country should have the biggest share of the cake,” he said.

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