ACC Identifies Plunderers in Audit Report

RWANDIThe Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has identified culprit that misappropriated money from the latest Auditor General’s reports and will commence legal actions soon.

ACC director general Rosewin Wandi has said all cases that fall within its mandate shall be followed up and thoroughly investigated.

Wandi said the ACC has thoroughly studied the latest Auditor General’s report and that there was huge misuse of public resources by the PF government last year.

She said the Memorandum of Understanding between ACC and the Auditor General’s office has made it possible to start prosecuting the culprits even before the official report is out.

The latest Auditor General’s report has revealed serious abuse of public resources by the PF government including an incident where fuel worth K67 million was drawn for a vehicle which was a non runner.

Civil Society organisations such as Action Aid Zambia and Civil Society for Poverty Reduction have since called for the prosecution of the culprits.


  1. CNP-4U

    useless organisation..please disband it!!

  2. Daliso

    don’t just talk, let us see action. what is happening to Kabimba and GBM corruption. show us you are allergic to corruption you fools

    • M.M.

      Today’s Post Newspaper has a headline story that ACC has cleared GBM and Wynter Kabimba!

  3. ZERO IN


  4. stonecold

    Kabimba and GBM first. Not me first I will refuse let’s not have selective prosecution no no no

  5. Mubanga

    ACC is full of double-standards and are just a tool for fighting government’s perceived political enemies. Every year the Auditor General’s reports show how resources are being abused and misused but ACC has only concentrated on politicians at the instruction of their Master! Very saddening!

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