Namulambe Courting Voters in Mpongwe

Namulambe MMDPatriotic Front candidate for the Mpongwe by-election Gabriel Namulambe today begged residents of Mpongwe to give him another chance as their member of parliament.

Namulambe also apologized to the PF government for the attacks he made to the ruling party while he was the MMD member of parliament for the same constituency.

He said he made wide consultations with people in the province and that he was advised to join the ruling party which he said was progressive.

“I have come here to ask for another chance, you know that when you are working against government, there is no meaningful development that can come to this constituency. And I have consulted widely and you advised me to join the progressive party. So I ask you to give me an opportunity to bring the development we need in our area,” he said.

Meanwhile, Patriotic Front national chairperson Inonge Wina has described the ongoing political campaigns in Livingstone as peaceful.

Wina, who is on campaign trail in Livingstone, said by-elections should not divide the Zambian people but should instead unite them because they were one and have a common goal of developing the country.

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