Task Force Questions MMD MP Siliya

Dora Siliya addresses journalists at Lusaka Magistrates CourtThe joint government investigative wings today summoned former education minister Dora Siliya over unknown corruption allegations.

Siliya who is also Petauke Central member of parliament arrived at the former Task Force offices in Kabulonga around 14:00 hours and went straight into the interrogations room where she was quizzed for about an hour.

Siliya’s lawyer Lubinda Linyama was also seen at the Task Force offices but sources say he did not speak to journalists who were present.

The interrogation of Siliya comes at a time of heightened tensions between the government and opposition parties, including an indictment presented before the Commonwealth and a campaign to remove immunity of the former president, Rupiah Banda.

Siliya, who is also the spokesperson for the former ruling party MMD, was accompanied by youth leader Bowman Lusambo and MMD President Nevers Mumba’s special assistant Raphael Nakachinda.

The government’s varied allegations against Siliya have persisted for several years without any result. She is accused of wrongfully participating in the privatization of ZAMTEL, a sale which President Michael Sata reversed shortly after assuming office.

She is also accused of disregarded tender procedure in the procurement process of a Radar at the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport.

The former minister is also awaiting the final Supreme Court ruling in the matter where her seat as Petauke Member of parliament was challenged by the PF government through a petition.


  1. Kelvin

    Year she should interlogeted whts wrong with that?

    • Pius

      Kelvin, just a waste of time and money. Deal with real issues

  2. Daliso

    Ba shetan you are going nowhere with this foolishness

  3. Mphangwe

    What has precipitated out of Sata’s dictatorial regime reveals the existence of some functional units that are out of reach of the public scrutiny.
    (1) The prominent members of the PF are actively harvesting the tax payers money from a diversity of allowances in a manner the Auditor-General cannot detect the inherent frauds. We now know that Dr. Kaseba has grabed tracks of land in Chief Unda-Undas area near Chinyunyu Hot Sprigs as Ba Sata builds a Hotel in Zimbabwe. Ministers are becoming prominent in the operations of the Parastatal Boards to earn more money. Frequent Ministerial visits to rural are made just to earn night allowances whilst the suns shines.
    (2) As the plunder of resources progresses on at the exclusion of the voters (the youths), the PF has set up a machinery of generating smoke screens by blowing whistles of corruptions against members of the opposition. In this regard public attention is diverted from the looting process that goes on behind the scenes. This is the task executed by Mmembe who seems to have taken over the editorial roles of senior journalists in Daily Mail, Times of Zambia and the Post. Hence the similarity of headlines on RB seeking asylum in South Africa.
    (3) In order to instil false hope in the nation , there is a special “Think Tank” taskedd to generate ideas of development. Hence talk of revamping Zambia Railways. There is talk of constructing dual motorways from Lusaka to Ndola. Yet the PF Govt has no clue where to source the money for the completion of the dual motorway from Kitwe to Chingola. The Think Tank has also lamented on the construction of the a railway line to link Petauke to Mpika throuth the challenging Muchinga escarpment. Yet the Muchinji-Chipata rail line is NOT operational. Last week this Think Tank talked of constructing a rail line to link Kasama to Mpulungu. The Think Tank talks of building universities in Chisali, at Palabana, At Chalimbana, another in Kitwe and one recetly dreamed about in Mongu. Yet the three public universities of UNZA, CBU and Mulungushi have not as yet matured to world standards. This PF Think Tank has just been created to raise false hope as the plunder progresses on before 2016 sets in. Where the money comes from to fulfil these promises is every one’s guess.
    (4) Meanwhile a select group of personnel have been planted in the Police and ACC to propagate FEAR in the minds of the public. Hence the meaning less calls by the so-called Investigative Unit on opposition leaders on tramped up charges. If one is a crimal one becomes a useful asset in the PF govt. But if one is morally upright, then one is subject of allkinds of interrogations.


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