UPND Women’s Leader Asks ‘Rebel’ MP to Quit

Greyford MondeUPND women’s national chairperson Namakau Kabwiku has called on Itezhi tezhi member of parliament Grayford Monde to resign for accepting a PF ministerial position.

Kabwiku said the suspension from the party was not enough punishment and that Monde should morally resign and join the PF.

She said Monde had initially denied accepting a ministerial position in PF and that he had since gone against the party regulations.

“The political future of Mr Monde is doomed. I am challenging him to resign and re-contest on a PF ticket. He will not be voted for because he has lost trust and loyalty to people who voted him. I feel pity for him, he was a young upcoming politician and to do what he has done, he has no future,” Kabwiku said.

The UPND has suspended Monde after accepting a ministerial position in the PF government with the party’s National Policy Committee expected to meet soon to officially expel Monde.


  1. CNP-4U

    this ka dark and poor boy will regret..the people there will not vote for you ever again..watch the space..join PF and see what happens..

  2. Mubanga

    The love of money and luxury has spelt doom this ka young man’s career. He will have something hanging on his life forever! He is a traitor!

  3. Hit em up

    Monde or watever, u ar an emberassment to th young pipo.enjoy th cursed loot now but you aint going nowhere!

  4. mweenda montana

    machende ako monde! you are such a foul. get rich fast doesn’t work. lies have short legs and wont walk far.

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