Zambia Railway Limited to Invest $120 Million

Zambia Railway Limited (ZRL) has floated a tender to invite bidder to supply materials and machinery for the company to commence rehabilitation of railway infrastructure.

This follows the disbursement of US$120 million by Government to the company to help revamp the operations of the company that was at the verge of collapse.

According to the advertisement published in Sunday Times of Zambia, ZRL invited eligible bidders to float tenders to supply the materials, track equipment and tools.

The tender was floated on February 12, 2013 and would close on March 5, 2013 before 14:30 hours.

“The bids would be open at the Zambia Railways offices in Kabwe in the presence of the bidders representative who would choose to attend at 14:45 hours , on March 5, 2013,” the advertisement states.

Among the items to be supplied include railway sleepers, machinery, track equipment, utility vehicles and other tools needed for the effective operation of the company in service delivery.

Source: Lusaka Times


  1. abigail

    good work

  2. Democratic zambian

    That is good work we hope and trust that the Minister responsible will not cancel the tender process

  3. Percy

    Well done Mr President and P.F for appointing a capable Zambian in Dr. Chirwa to transform Zambia Railways Limited.
    We are hopeful…

  4. Decotexx

    That is what is expected of Railways management. Why are PF bloggers always looking for an opportunity to give credit to PF even when it is not necessary. That is how things were supposed to be done in a normal country. I ve never seen in any normal country to give credit any how. Leave the men and women of ZR to do what they were employed for.

  5. ngulube jeremiah

    good development

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