Mohan Convicted for Corruption

mohanThe Lusaka magistrate court has convicted Lusaka businessman Matthew Mohan for corruption.

Lusaka High Court deputy director for operations Chilombo Chirwa, who sat as magistrate, convicted Mohan in his absence and will pass the sentence on Tuesday.

But Mohan refused to attend the court hearing in person alleging that he will only attend court after Supreme Court judge Philip Musonda and High Court deputy registrar Charles Kafunda, whom he has accuses of being corrupt, were retired.

Mohan has claim he does not want to attend court based on principle because with their presence in the judiciary, he will not receive a fair trial.

He further claims he reported judge Musonda and Kafunda to law enforcement agencies for corruption for further investigation.

Mohan, Mary Given and court interpreter Maxwell Jiti were convicted of corrupt practices and they are also alleged to have conspired to destroy exhibits from the prosecution docket.

Jiti is also charged with being found in possession of US $300,000 fake dollars in May 2008. The three have been convicted and will be sentenced together.

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  1. Mama-Mia

    Lusaka businessman? isn’t he like Lusaka criminal by now with all these convictions????

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