Cholera Break-out Fears at Evelyn Hone Increase

Evelyn HoneAccording to this evening’s Radio Phoenix news, there are reports that eight more Evelyn Hone College students are suffering from severe diarrhea. This follows the death of one student from suspected cholera on Monday.

The eight students are also being suspected to have contracted the water bone disease.
Students at the country’s biggest college in Lusaka have been protesting the death of a first year student 19-year-old Wiseman Mwale since Monday.

Wiseman died of suspected cholera on Monday but college management claimed he had malaria. His roommate, whose name is withheld, says the deceased was given wrong medication after he complained of being unwell on Friday.

College students rioted on Monday following the death of their college and are now boycotting class to demand improved sanitation at the institution.

Minister of Education John Phiri has since directed his permanent secretary to give him a comprehensive report on the Evelyn Hone crisis.


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    […] at Evelyn Hone College rioted on Monday following the death of 19-year-old first year student Wiseman Mwale from suspected cholera due to poor sanitation at the college. The Evelyn Hone College students are currently on a class […]

  2. eusebio pecurto

    A pobresa e a detenção deve ser vista como uma prioridade pelas autoridades locais as comunidades de estudantes tem que estar sensibilizados e com sentido de responsablidade para que possam erradicar o pólio nas classes mais desfavorecidas exemplo organizar grupos e desenvolverem projectos de sustentablidade nas zonas rurais do vosso estado esses projectos serão bem aceites nas sociedades

  3. Donald Cj

    that is how the city is it is very dirty hope they will learn a lesson.the college management knows that the sanitation is poor so they can not disclose it.

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