Opinion: Troubles of a Naked Emperor in State House

zambia-michael-sata-soft-on-corruptionThere is honestly a problem with the way President Michael Sata is conducting his politics. This is a genuine concern; one of that only child who not only watched but also said it as it was when the King paraded himself without clothes. He was naked!

This is the case with Michael. No one cares to tell him, bamudala uli ubwamba (the bigman you are naked). All one can see are praises for Michael from his choirmasters and those benefiting from his hold on power.

To witness the entire Head of State go back, to what is becoming his traditional stage for issuing attacks and slanderous statements, directed at opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) leader Hakainde Hichilema over the wealth he has accumulated through hard work, individual brilliance and prudent management of his own life, is one of the lowest points in our politics.

Michael was swearing in some officials, and in repeated manner, used the occasion to distribute Hichilema’s personal financial statements that included records of his investments in the country and beyond. He supplemented the circulation of private bank documents and business details with a ridiculing statement on Hichilema saying the Commonwealth should also come and see his personal wealth. Well, Hichilema and others did no go to the Commonwealth to tell them that Michael owns seven guns as he declared during the 2011 elections.

Hichilema, civil society and others have gone to the Commonwealth documenting human rights abuses and if Michael is as ignorant as I know him, invasion of privacy like he has done with his opponent’s personal final details is in itself an intrusion of human rights.

One thing, however, Michael may not have realized is that this so called dossier generously covered by State media exposed him as a shameless Head of State who is not ready to govern his people and help them acquire the very “more money he promised” them. Anyway, Michael knows nothing about more money in anyone’s pockets; the furthest his idiocy can take him is sloganeering.

But instead of Hichilema’s wealth and intelligent investments unsettling Michael, it should inspire him that the country has such a brilliant businessman. If there is a wealthy Hichilema in Zambia, it means the country can produce more wealthy individuals. Not in Michael’s universe.

This Michael, a deceptive person that he is, rose to the throne telling people lies that he has a formula of money in their pockets within 90 days finds Hichilema with incredible wealth, he takes an issue. What curse was Zambia under to elect such at idiot to the top office of the country?

Hichilema is not that criminal and born again hypocrite Rajan Mathani – the chief PF financier. Hichilema is not that failed businessman Mutembo Nchito. Hichilema is not in the class of that accountant called Fred M’membe who hijacked the journalism profession in Zambia and has rendered it useless by trading ethics for a few pieces of silver.

Hichilema is a seasoned businessman, a calculator runs in his DNA, he is tried and tested in this field. And now he has gone into politics to serve his people. Since 2006, Hichilema has been consistent. He has told the Supreme Court how much he is worth. He has made honest and fair declarations of assets.

He has never declared money from an unconcluded defamation case like Michael has done before, he has never declared firearms as his wealth, he has never declared a Toyota Cressida as his wealth or one or two houses in Avondale.

Hichilema has declared all he has, in a very open and transparent manner. He did so in 2006, 2008 and 2011. There is nothing new in what the naked Michael was showing the public at State House other than his anatomy. Perhaps, the only other new thing other than his naked self is that this time it was being done by an envious man who knows that he can never match the level of Hichilema no matter how many Ilundo Chalo companies he creates assuming that he will make it two terms as President.

Hichilema will continue raking in billions from his numerous businesses but no matter how much Michael and his friends plunder, they will not equate to Hichilema’s wealth.

Hichilema is just a damn good businessman, a damn smart character that has used his knowledge acquired through sleepless nights and hard work to amass wealth. He is a role model to many business executives who aspire to earn and make it in Zambia.

Hichilema did not need to wait, like some fools, to be part of government to make money. With or without being in government, Hichilema is guaranteed of a top class lifestyle, earning his billions.

This is not a Vernon Johnson Mwaanga type of politician who may have made a few coins through drug trafficking (yes, VJ self confessed). This is not a Mathani who has defrauded and engaged in massive money laundering, he is Hakainde Hichilema! A rare musune (Tonga bull).

If Hichilema was to go to South Africa on a business trip, he would not carry $27, 000 cash that will be confiscated and never to be recovered from OR Tambo airport officials, like Michael did. That’s a kind of businessman he is, and that, if Michael is conveniently ignorant is how meticulous Hichilema, has made his wealth. Hichilema has not used his position to take undue advantage of women and sire over 20 children with different mothers. No. He crafted the art of re-investment. It’s not like chain smoking. It takes a lot of hard work.

The argument that Hichilema unduly benefited from the privatization of Zambian assets is not new. Several politicians have accused him of it. But none has brought any charge before any court.

When Mutembo was appointed Director of Public Prosecutions, he was directed – even against constitutional provisions – to go for Hichilema because there was overwhelming evidence of his alleged inappropriate involvement in the privitasation of Zambian assets. It’s over 12 months since Mutembo’s appoint and there is no such criminal investigation against Hichilema. So why continue chasing his clean funds when from selling dogs your son is suddenly a don in Lusaka.

Michael, what corruption can you claim to be fighting if Wynter Kabimba and Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba are expectedly cleared even in the face of so much credible evidence against them? Spare us this rubbish Michael. Zambia has more problems to worry about than chase Hichilema’s wealth.

This demagogue behaviour in Michael must come to an end. He must be told that his despotic style of leadership is not helping Zambia in anyway, it dividing and uninspiring this generation.

There should be no room for fools like the one currently occupying in State House. It is this foolishness that is now making Zambia a laughing stock on the international stage. Those who are licking Michael’s feet may praise him as the ‘great leader,’ they are pampering him to continue at this rate. In case they have short memories, let them consult the naked King. That is what Michael is, parading himself on their behest but without clothes. The troubles of this naked emperor are now manifesting.


  1. Zamunda

    Ba kolwe imwe, continue stealing but know that we will get you soon.

  2. Kelvin

    Expressing views is our right but,lets try 2 use the best language for the head of state

    • Miodon

      Even using the best language in the world, a fool is still a fool and an idiot is still and idiot, even if he is also a head of state.

    • Sara

      Very good article. Keep it up Adamu! But why is that your system does not allow me to paste my comment into the comment box?

  3. CNP-4U

    very good and to the point article Adamu..viva..HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH


    this mcsatana of yours deserves all the abuses that can be heaped on him alepela ku lamulila he isbieng too petty i will vote for HH any time ba Satana mwapwa bwangu

  5. Heaman Haachilala

    Very good article full of substance!

  6. dorothy

    well articulated. choir masters are also tired of singing songs of praise for a fool, who can’t learn even from his predecessors . he just turn out to be worse off

  7. evil eye

    spot on!

  8. Sara

    Peter Adamu, well done! This is a very good article, calling a spade a spade! HH has made money and is continuously making money, and that obviously goes with job creation for Zambians and what is wrong with that?Sata is a spring of idiocy and an embarrassment to the nation. As an idiot he is, he thought by telling the nation how rich HH people would think HH has stolen from government coffers when he has never worked in government. Very shameful, disgraceful, shocking and appalling behaviour from an idiotic and stupid president!He is a rotten and stinking bullshit of a president!

  9. nenzi nenzi




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