Zambia Ready for UNWTO – Scott

Vice President Guy Scott says that the country is prepared to host the 20th United Nations World Tourism Organisation(UNWTO) General Assembly to be co-hosted by Zambia and Zimbabwe in August this year.

Dr Scott told parliament today that preparations for the conference are on course and will be completed before the conference.

Meanwhile, Deputy Minister of Tourism, Art and Culture, David Phiri, has disclosed that government is packaging tourist attractions in Northern Province as part of the preparations for the UNWTO Conference.

Mr Phiri told parliament today that government has started rehabilitating roads and putting up infrastructure that will improve power supply in the province.

He said this is being done through the various tourism investment forums set up by government.

Mr Phiri said government will promote Northern Province as a tourist destination during the conference through local and international media that will be hosted in Zambia during the conference.

He was responding to a question by Kaputa Member of Parliament, Maxas Ng’onga, who wanted to know how the Ministry of Tourism is incorporating tourist attractions in the Northern Tourism Circuit in the programme for the 20th UNWTO General Assembly to be co-hosted by Zambia and Zimbabwe in 2013,and whether the Circuit will benefit from the General Assembly.

Source: ZANIS


  1. CNP-4U

    you chaps..what is in northern province..yaba..what a waste of time..losers..

  2. Decotexx

    Everybody can see that there is a conspirancy to put most of our resources into Northern and Muchinga province. Tribalism is at its highest. However the government denies that these are deliberate policies by the PF government. The rest of the provinces can now see that they were tricked by PF to vote them into government thinking they will be a fair government.

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