Hone Students Threaten to March to State House

Evelyn HoneEvelyn Hone College students are threatening to march to State House for an audience with President Michael Sata if the sanitation situation is not immediately addressed at the institution.

The students have refused to go back to class as their class boycott continues into next Monday following the death of a first year environmental student Wiseman Mwale of suspected cholera.

Those talked to by Zambia Reports say they were not ready to risk their lives in a learning environment that did not guarantee good health. They complained that the Lusaka institution was operating like it was not in the capital city.

The students were on the streets this week and say they will officially take their petition to President Sata if no one showed no care or concern to their plight.

Education minister John Phiri has already ordered his permanent secretary to furnish him a comprehensive report on the death of 19-year-old Mwale.

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