Court Session Under a Tree Scandalous – Kabimba

KabimbaJustice minister Wynter Kabimba has described the conduct of holding court sessions under trees as scandalous.

Kalabo Central Member of Parliament Chinga Miyutu wanted to know why government has not provided decent courthouses for court officials.

In response, Kabimba said the situation obtaining in some parts of the country was unacceptable and promised that government will address them.

The PF government has commenced the judicial reforms when they came into power and made some shallow decisions in hasty to remove then chief justice Ernest Sakala and suspended three judges who were alleged to have been corrupt.

After suspending the judges, President Michael Sata constituted a tribunal to investigate the conduct of the accused judges that was supposed to be chaired by Malawian jurist Lovemore Chikopa.

The three judges include judge Philip Musonda, a Supreme Court judge and two High Court judges Charles Kajimanga and Nigel Mutuna.

However, the three judges successfully applied for an injunction retraining the tribunal from probing them suggesting the President usurped his executive power.

The state has since appealed the High Court order and the ruling is yet to be made on the issue.

Critics have argued that the President’s approach to judicial reforms has been narrow as he only intended to protect his friends that helped him win elections.

The accusations hinges on a case where a private airline, Zambian Airways shareholders that include the Director of Public Prosecution Mutembo Nchito and proprietor of a private newspaper, Post Newspapers’ Fred M’membe obtained an over US $3 million loan that they have failed to pay.

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