PF ‘Stranded’ with Lubinda

Lubinda with KaundaThe PF has failed to decide the fate of Kabwata Member of Parliament Given Lubinda for a consecutive third time.

The Patriotic Front Central Committee was scheduled to endorse the expulsion of Given Lubinda on today but intelligence reports before President Michael Sata’s office indicate that the party will not reclaim the Kabwata seat.

The party is now afraid that losing a seat in Lusaka will begin the end of its popularity in the urban constituencies where they have enjoyed traditional support.

A source has disclosed that the party operatives had initially sampled the opinion of electorates and found that most of them are breaking away from the loyalty they had for the PF and its candidate in the 2011 elections and that they are ready to vote for Lubinda whether he contest as an independent or whatever opposition party ticket.

“It is a delicate situation for the party and you can see how they have taken time to expel Honourable Lubinda. You see, people vote for him not because he is a PF member but his intelligence and people centred approach when addressing their issues. So people’s admirations for his leadership qualities transcend the partisan boundary and that is why he stands out from his colleagues,” the source said.

Party deputy secretary general Bridget Atanga said the meeting at which Lubinda was supposed to be expelled has been postponed because of the on-going campaigns for the Mpongwe and Livingstone by-elections.

Lubinda is charged with treachery for allegedly leaking sensitive government information to the opposition and media.

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