UPND Formally Expels ‘Renegade’ MP

Greyford MondeOpposition United Party for National Development has formally expelled Itezhi tezhi member of parliament Greyford Monde who has accepted a deputy ministerial position in the PF government.

Party deputy spokesperson Edwin Lifwekelo confirmed the expulsion saying over 30 National Management Committee (NMC) members voted overwhelmingly for the expulsion of Monde after failing to exculpate himself for the charges raised against him.

Lifwekelo said when Monde responded to the charge letter, he requested for specific details of the charges and the party invited him to present witnesses that were ready to validate the claims but that he failed to turn up.

Monde was charged with disturbilising the party, bringing the name of the party into public ridicule and issuing alarming statements that were not authorized by the party.

“We met this afternoon with over 30 members of the NMC and the decision was made unanimously and overwhelmingly that we expel the Member of Parliament for Itezhi tezhi Honourable Monde for the charges we have laid against him.

“Today apparently, he was supposed to appear before the disciplinary committee of the party but he opted not to attend because in his letter after we had asked him to exculpate himself, he had asked the party to furnish him with details of the charges as far as when they were committed.

“So this morning, we were waiting for Honourable Monde so that witnesses could prevail and we were ready to tell him exactly what transpired,” Lifwekelo said.

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